2 piece outfits for homecoming

I have been on both Red Moon and White Moon cycles (although now only White Moon) for the past few years. Prior to that it was slightly irregular and only lasted 2 days or too many days (thanks, birth control -__-). I HATED my period. I felt all that yucky shame that's fed to you at a young age. I eventually made the decision to open my mind and to connect with nature, and what do you know, now I use my moonblood magic to paint and as a means of resistance and honor it as something sacred. I 2 piece outfits for homecoming <3 you blooooood.

Should your period land on the full moon or the new moon to be in sync with nature? - Yoga Goddess When women menstruate with the full moon are their bodies out of rhythm with the natural cycles?yogagoddess.ca