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How to break a habit in 10 steps:

Step 1: plan for when you're quitting and then don't procrastinate it.

Step 2: Write a list with at least 50 reasons you can find WHY you want to quit.


Step 3: Find something you can replace the bad habit with. For instance if you always grab a cookie in the afternoon, bring on the carrots to munch on.

Step 4: Keep track on 'days accomplished' and check off each the day with a gold star. When you forget to do this it usually means you succeeded.

Step 5: Be prepared for the evil inner demons who will tell you to go back to your old comfy habits. This is when you read your 50 reasons-list.

Step 6: Reward yourself for each 5 days accomplished without a relapse. It can be a massage, a more fancy cut of meat or something else, just don't reward yourself with the habit you worked so hard to change.

Step 7: If you feel very deprived and like nothing matters or feels exciting anymore, write down 50 reasons if you can come up with that many on WHY you should go back to your old ways and what you expect to gain from it. Dress Affordable petite items to wear for maid of the brides

Step 8: Be prepared that you will ALWAYS be a recovering X habit person. Treat it like that and don't allow yourself to 'just have it once'.

Step 9: If shit hits the fan and you slip, go straight back into step 2 and punish yourself by having to write 50 MORE reasons. And do it with your toes! :-)

Step 10: When you find yourself snowing in on that thing you miss so much... Drink 20 oz of water, go look in the mirror and tell yourself 'toughen up sugar bun, you got this! ONE DAY AT A TIME!"


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