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Tongue piercings are pieced vertically through the tongue. Tongue piercings are usually done near the centre of the tongue but the can also be pierced off-centre. Most people can have a tongue piercing and it is surprisingly easy to heal. There are however two issues that can prevent you from getting a tongue piercing. Firstly some people have very prominent veins on the underside of the tongue, which may get in the way of the piercing. Secondly, a prominent tongue frenulum m ... ay make the piercing uncomfortable or impossible. We always recommend going to an experienced body piercing to get your tongue pierced.

Tongue Piercing Jewellery & Aftercare

Tongue piercings are usually done with a straight barbell. The tongue almost always swells up in the day after piercing so initial jewellery should be an extra long barbell. This can be swapped for a shorter barbell when the swelling goes down, usually after one week. Tongue piercings carry a risk of chipping a tooth if you bite down on the barbell. This can be avoided by choosing well-fitting jewellery or a Bioplast tongue bar. If the top of your barbell rubs uncomfortably against the roof of your mouth we recommend switching to a flat top ball. Rinse with suitable mouthwash twice daily and after eating. Stick to soft, non-sticky foods for the first couple of days. Avoid alcohol and smoking until piercing is healed. Dress Affordable white colored items to wear of the beach

Tongue Piercing Healing Time: 3 to 12 weeks

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