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I have noticed that Daisy (mostly white with light ginger spots) is more susceptible to fleas than Cooter (Deep ginger). Both do have light toenails, but Cooter's are darker, Daisy's are pinker or almost translucent. Even Dixie is more resistant to fleas, she is white with mostly black & some ginger spots. Her toenails are same as Daisy's but she does have some that are black or half black. Dress Affordable white wedding garments With lace
Daisy seems to be less susceptible since I have started observing the TCM method of selecting their foods. Daisy is a Hot & Cooter & Dixie are Cold.

Fleas on Dogs and Cats Many readers probably want to know what we recommend in the form of natural or chemical flea preventatives. As this blog is for general information only, it does not recommend specific brands or...drjeandoddspethealthresource.tumblr.com