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A calorie is a calorie right? Wrong LOL

There are an infinite number of ways to consume calories. All calories are (at a basic level) are some combination of 1 or more of fat, carbohydrates, and proteins. The macros.

You can eat calories, or drink calories. You might hear someone say "I'd rather eat my calories than drink them", and to some extent I agree, as FAR too many people drink very high calorie drinks, from the sodas we know provide no valuable nutrition, and nut ... rition that is not necessarily good for us (and yes, I do occasionally drink soda), to high calorie alcoholic drinks (and sometimes more than one) or yes, even high calorie smoothies even though they might contain very healthy ingredients.

Sometimes there is great value in having calorie-dense smoothies - a nursing mom for example may simply not be able to, or have the to eat all her calories. Body builders consume enormous numbers of calories a day, and while they still spend a lot of time chewing, they need calorie-dense drinks to help them get the calories and their macros in.

I'm not saying don't drink anything but water or unsweetened tea. You're allowed to live a little! Just be aware of the often hidden calories in some of the things you're drinking. A fruit smoothie sounds great, and it's true you're getting in healthy fruit. But you are also creating a quickly-drinkable product from foods that would take you longer to eat and make you feel more full. You're removing the digestive process of chewing those fruits and veggies which helps to start break down the sugars. You're all but eliminating the fiber which helps slow down the passage of those foods through your system. All that makes it easy to consume more calories with less satisfaction, and creates a "sugar chute" which sends the sugars in the fruits much more quickly into your system. DressAfford empire high waist wedding outfits

And the alcoholic drinks? Wow do they add up quickly! I won't go into the whole calorie spectrum of various alcohols, though clearly in this image you can see that vodka is not high on the list But talk about a Port or other dessert-type drinks? Serious calorie density.

Whatever your liquids of choice are, do a little research into how many calories in a serving - important to know what a serving is! And consume them wisely. DO choose to eat your calories when possible, and when you do choose to drink some of them, make sure you account for that in your day.


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