DressAfford old Hollywood wears for prom party

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Just an update on my daughter! I asked about the fact that she is refusing her milk and what we can do! Turns out she has a bad infection in her ears and throat causing her to not care eat or drink. However they said it's alright if she doesn't care for milk once this blows over. We can supplement with drops and have her yogurt for the fats she needs. HOWEVER:: at her appointment they said she is EXTREMELY LOW in the percentile for her weight, her height too bu ... t her dad and I are both short so we expected that. She is 13 months old, 27 inches tall and weighs 20pounds 4.8oz exactly
One month from today she weighed 19 pounds 8oz so she didn't gain much at all within one month? She is an eater! (Except for her being sick) she loves food she can eat all day so I'm a little shocked at how little she's gained. She's always been a clothing size bigger than she should be. She's in 18month shirts and 18-24 month jeans of course they're long on her! But anyway' I'm just wondering if this is normal for her height to be 20pounds. How much should a 1 year old typically weigh. (Averge) thanks so much guys!!! DressAfford old Hollywood wears for prom party
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