Lace Prom Dresses 2020

What a wonderful evening at the season opening of the Seattle Symphony. So many beautiful people dressed for a black tie event after the concert with the visiting soprano Renee Fleming. The women had on such gorgeous gowns and native attire. I spent most of the time watching them pass by each gown more beautiful than the next. Then there was me, lol, and Cooper. I'm wearing leggings and my usual black and white sweater. There were, of course, many peeps in regular clothi ... ng. That's what I
like about the symphony and opera here. Anything goes.
Benaroya Hall is in downtown Seattle. It is filled with stunning blown glass by Dale Chihuly.
Cooper and I took our seat and the orchestra played a very beautiful version of the National Anthem. It gave me chills and goose bumps.
The concert was so very entertaining and enchanting with Renee in good voice even with our smokey air from the fires.
All I could think about is "I want to share this with 'everyone' in the world". What a privilege it was to be there. Yet, right out the front door were homeless people talking to themselves and others mulling about who will never have my experience and emotional connection to this comforting music. Although, "I want to share".
I often wonder if I would have taken this path if my mom were not a musician and exposed me to all the symphonies and operas.
I feel so blessed in so many ways. In our home there was no other music than classical. When in her womb I only heard classical. On Sundays we read the paper and listened to a recorded opera. I guess now I'll have to come back and make sure that these concerts and operas are available to all. I will have it funded by the Federal government. Guess I have to come back and be President! I'll keep doing what I can now to expose as many people to this music. That's why I throw in a classical post for all you peeps once in awhile, lol. Hope your listening? Lace Prom Dresses 2020
Love you all and thank you for letting me share my thoughts. <3

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