backless or low-v evening party wears

In Lidl earlier, tried on a couple of hiking jackets cos I thought they'd be perfect for on the bike.

Woman looked at me and muttered what sounded like 'Disgusting'. I'm all 'Pardon, what was that'. Woman says 'You shouldn't be trying that on'. So I'm like 'eh whit, why the hell not?' I'm staring to get really hacked off. She goes 'That' and points at my arm. backless or low-v evening party wears

Some back ground: I have acute psoriasis, which I've been working really hard to get rid of. I don't often get any pa ... rt of my body out because I'm so self conscious about it. But it's in remission atm. Leaving some small marks and next to no scales.

So at this point my rage levels are thru the fucking roof. How fucking dare she!!! 'What? You serious?'. She then says 'Well they're not going to be able to sell it now'. Makes a face. Like I have some contagious fucking skin eating disease.

Absolutely shaking with rage and on the verge of knocking this 'cunt' out. Wee old man that had obviously been listening put his hand on my shoulder, and told me 'Mon hen, she's no worth it.'

Ken what. He's right. No one has the right to make someone feel shit, when they clearly know fuck all! They're not worth sacrificing my job or life because of their ignorance.

What a cunt tho eh!

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