black colored items to wear that looks sexy

My dentist visit wasn't good news yesterday..i had 4 cavities behind my front teeth last year ,fixed and big cavity on another front tooth , may need crown $1200
2 of the front teeth filled last year have cavities again !!!?? I brush morning and night with a sonic care brush, and water pic between my teeth and gums 2 to 3 times each day..
Here are 3 pics of now with yellow teeth
Another pic witth whitener teeth
And 3rd pic with veneered teeth to f ... ix all the front teeth and side teeth issues..
So hundred to thousands in cost of crowns and fillings that will be difficult to match to natural teeth color, and crowns can't be whitened, or 8400$ for 10 teeth across the while front row from molar to molar of veneers to fix them all and never need whitening ...? black colored items to wear that looks sexy
Problem is I can't afford a loan for any of the options .... Dear God , send me help !!

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