bridesmaid collections in gold

Happy new year to you I'm a little confused I went on a few dates with a guy I liked him but since a horrible betrayal I went through with my ex ( left me for another woman) I haven't slept with anyone...I've been on lots of dates and had a few kisses...I am currently dating someone he invited me over to his house and this is embarrassing we didn't have sex but there was kissing and dry humping involved I'm on birth control and terrified of another pregnancy I have 3 bridesmaid collections in gold ... kids.
I suffer with ocd and anxiety ...but something is not right with this guy something about the way he kisses dosent turn me on.....I am attracted to him it nearly went that far....maybe he's not the one how do I break it to this guy.....I just don't want to be a bitch about it....I just feel like maybe he's only after sex...the fact he only seems to invite me over to his house ....

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