cocktail formal outfits with long sleeves

Hots and Nots E.3 Y.5

Lets get the negatives out the way First

- travel to site was Hell, i underestimated the logistical difficulties of carrying kit and a bell tent in the London underground and put a lot of stress on Jo. My fuck up, but lessons were learnt. Mind you when the boot of the Taxi flies open and drops our bags out on the roundabout next to a motorway it isn't fun either.

- we didn't put our tent up properly this time around. This had some leaks during the night. We managed to sort it out largely but it was just a pain.

- rain put a slight dampener on this (pun intended).

- didn't manage to get Sponsored into the Shuttered Lantern due to the imperial Seer proving to be elusive. But hey thats game for next event

- social anxiety holding me back a tad ( but managed to push through )

And now on to the positives

+ set dressing crewing. It was great to be on crew again. Shame that due to work commitments i cane crew more but hay that's life.

+ orc camp and the Nation itself is so atmospheric and evocative, it really is a plesure to have the orc camp as a base to venture out from.

+ Conclave was Fun and interesting lots of Big stuff going on was interesting to watch.

+ carrying and using the Archmage of Day's staff which leads me to ....

+ MAGIC!!! With the Rest of the Skywise coven, (and by borowing some Items) I believe we managed to Pull off the biggest Mag ritual in the History of the Imperial orcs (or at least Orc P.C) which is hella cool.

+ Skein of years on Permion's Bell with steph and Alex was cool. Loved being haunted by voices other than Orc Ancestors.

+ Despite not being formally inducted into the Shuttered Lantern, managed to get invited to a Formal meeting with the Order by the Grandmaster hinself.... thats kinda cool.

+ all the little Roleplay mometns with various Imp' orcs.

+landsmeet was awesome fun and the question over the Mournwold orcs will be an interesting question to come

+ getting my Item of worth Hallowed by vigilance priests. It was Great to have Grud there in the Pit with Taal. With the cultural exchange between the Navarii way Priests. It was Perfect. Also big thanks to the vigilance priest of Ravens fell (unfortunately i dont know the name of the Physrep) who i went to see initially and brought me to the vigilance assembly cocktail formal outfits with long sleeves :-) It really meant a lot to Taal and I think this may well be a start of a character Arc for him.

+ getting a front Row seat at Yael's trial/ execution. It was a profound moment for Taal and really helped me as his phys rep get into his psyche and know how he thinks. All the while he Held his newly hallowed sword and another Item of worth**..

+ Taal found an item of worth**. Whilst in the senate building he found a busted silver ring. Crushed into the floor boards. I.C this ring had seen wars anounced and empresses sit on thrones. Maybe even the freeing of orc slaves and the giving of skarsind.

+ going to empire with the Mrs. Its always nice to have her about 'specially since empire is where we met.

So All in all Skywise Taal has gone through some character development. Just need to start thinking how to build upon/ upgrade his kit during tye coming winter downtime.