cocktail items suitable for baby mother

Katherine - just wondering, is how well/bad the pregnancy goes an indication of how the baby's health and behaviour will be?

Message 1 - On Monday after dropping my son off at childcare I saw there where signs put up informing that chicken pox was in the centre.. My sons carer informed me that night when I picked him up that the chicken pox was in his room! My son is 2 months off being able to be vaccinated against it and has come out in spots on his foot, leg, chest and face cocktail items suitable for baby mother ... .. They are just red spots no pimple like head on them.. But I'm wondering if it could possibly be the beginning of chicken pox.. What are ur thoughts? Should I take him to the drs or wait till they start looking more like chicken pox? TIA

Message 2 - My 5 month old has conjunctivitis I've skwirted breast milk in his eye. Is there anything else I can do to make him comfortable until we see the dr?

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