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Parents shuld build up kids...

When children are young, parents play an important role in helping to build their self-confidence. colored wedding wears for over size ladies
Neglectful parents raise kids who have a low self-esteem and who perform badly in all tasks.
Parents who want to be obeyed without question usually teach their kids how to conform.
On the other hand, overprotective parents raise fearful children.
Telling kids they are stupid makes them feel worthless and inadequate.
Yes some children are slow learners.
That is associated with some medical conditions.
The last thing they need is for us to judge them.
You must always keep lines of communication open between you and your kids.
A parent should be the one person that children feel they can talk to about anything.
Thats why parents should strive to be best friends with their kids...
Lord help me to be tht mom to my child...

All said by Tumi Lyds Mokhasi