cut out prom dresses

This Morning I Was Making Picture Frames x2 With Cardboard Boxes For My Drawings As Is Thickish Cardboard I Was Using Big Scissors & While I Was Making My Second Frame, As I Was Cutting Into The Cardboard I Cut My Little Finger Really Bad! :-( Thankfully I Won't Need Stitches So I Didn't Go To Hospital Well I'm Fairly Sure I Won't Need Them But Shit It Really Hurts & Feels So Weird I Took Pain Relief Earlier Its Deep! I Have It Fully Bandaged Up Along With My Hand! Will Take Afew Weeks Or So To Heal, Its About 4-5 Layers Deep! It's The Evening Here Now I Re-Dressed My Finger Before & It Only Took About A Min To Start Bleeding Again & My Hand Was Tingling cut out prom dresses :-( Won't Be Doing That Again, I Wasn't Planning To Make Anymore Either So Suits Me Well!