disney styled items to wear of the wedding

Update: Just teasing, my next MD appt. is August 14 for ultrasound and meet with doctor to see how these pills of Chemo are doing. I feel fine, not in any pain, and just wanted to share a story.
I hate my new job! I don't even get paid for it.
A few hours ago, my husband, Don, phoned me from our garage, on his way to the grocery store, to tell me he wanted me to watch the security monitor to be ready for a package from UPS, Amazon car, or the US mail. He instructed me to just watch the screen as it is sprinkling rain and the package might get wet on the front porch. He added that I should put the iPad away, not try to read any books, no vacuuming, and just watch the screen. He said the above because on Friday, he went to the Home Depot and asked me to watch the screen for the water meter reader and go ask him some questions. I didn't want to ask the questions, and I decided it was 3:20 pm and the water meter man was probably not coming. So I vacuumed the floors. Well, as luck would have it, when he called on Monday to see when the meter man was coming, they told him that he came on Friday. Don rolled back the security monitor and found that 20 minutes after he left, the meter guy arrived. disney styled items to wear of the wedding
Now here I sat watching the screen for the last hour and fifteen minutes. I live on a cul-de-sac so no traffic, no neighbors in their yards, not even a squirrel or stray cat came into view. I did pick up the phone and called my sister, Shirley, as I thought I could do both at the same time. (Don't tell) She suggested I move a chair right up to the monitor for my husband to see when he came home. She also suggested that I wipe the screen with a cleaning cloth to take away my nose print and slobber I might have excreted. Well, no traffic except the postal truck and they didn't leave anything.
I would not do well in the Las Vegas security camera section. I would be watching hair dos, who was with who, and looking for any of ya'll. The cheating and crime scenes would not be seen by me.
This reminds me of another story of a job I dislike, but you will have to tune in tomorrow to hear that one.
Doing great! Still need your prayers and FB connections to keep me going. (My husband does not read FB, thank goodness!)
Bye, Love, Gay