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Went to Spinal "Biophysics" place today with Jacqueline Warren . They took more x-rays (hopefully I won't start glowing with all the xrays I've had in recent months!), measurements, pictures, did an exam and intake interview.

It is one of the top facilities for correcting these types of spinal issues through therapy. The facilities seemed nice, and the people we worked with were all very nice and knowledgeable as well.

I have a follow-up tomorrow to see what their recommend ... ed course of treatment and therapy would be. This is most importantly to relieve the pressure off of my lungs so they can begin functioning properly, but also to help fix other issues in my back so they don't continue to cause further problems.

I do not know yet what the intensity, frequency, duration, or cost of this therapy will be. It sounds like they will try to work with us on the costs, but it's still not going to be free.

We appreciate all of your prayers as we've pushed so hard to get to what feels like the starting line and still don't quite know the road ahead looks like.

(Also appreciate prayers that they will continue to get the fires in this region under control. Both for the sake of those directly effected by the fires themselves but also selfishly because I'm not enjoying the irony of moving across the country to escape humidity only to have my lungs irritated by smoke... but at least smoke is more easily filtered out.)

One other interesting note... I've had my first ever experience with the "yo-yo diet" effect... After losing over 20 pounds in the 2 months prior to our move, I've gained back around 15 pounds in the past 3 weeks. My appetite has gotten stronger again (though often I'm still having to force myself to eat) and I've been trying to make myself a smoothy/shake each night which easily has 1,000-1,500 calories in it... so I'm sure that's helping put some of the weight back on. But even with high calorie smoothies I've NEVER been able to gain weight that quickly, so I think it must be my body going into survival mode and trying to stock up as many calories as possible or something. Anyway, I'm happy to be putting some weight back on - though I'm hoping along with the therapy I'll be able to rebuild some of the muscle lost (and then some). empire style wedding wears with high waist

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