items that can see through to wear of the prom

HOW WOULD WE TREAT OUR SPOUSE IF WE KNEW TODAY WAS OUR LAST DAY TOGETHER? Over the past few weeks I have had the special opportunity of watching my cousin, Tara, care for her 37-year-old husband Rolando who was dying of stage 4 colon cancer. While the situation was heartbreaking, it warmed my soul to see the devotion with which she cared for him. Although they had just separated 2 days before he was diagnosed, she immediately put aside all issues and spent the next couple of ... years caring for him. She did everything in her power to seek treatments and make life as comfortable as possible for him. As the end neared, she worked around the clock to ease his pain and help him feel reassured. She fought fiercely to have his final wishes respected. In those last couple of weeks, she refused to let me or anyone else relieve her for even one night because she wanted him to feel secure knowing she was by his side at all times. The unwavering devotion, compassion and kindness she showed him was remarkable. I am grateful I got to witness it. At the funeral, she requested we each take time to show love and appreciate for our spouses while we can. What great advice! May we all treat our spouses as if today was our last day together. I am thankful for that advice and for her example! If we were each loved and cared for like Rolando was, this world would be a much better place. Tara, you have my deepest admiration and sympathy! I love you! items that can see through to wear of the prom

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