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About 4 doctor appointments in all yesterday including a dentist appointment where they told Joe he is going to have to have an extraction. Jessica to her doctor this morning then Joe an hour after that and we have to recheck his sedative meds and reschedule that appointment as he hadn't really been taking them.
Grrrrrrr. Checked in with Easter Seals who was trying to get in touch with me but hasn't called back even after I tried to go up there as well and the Unison appointment for this afternoon was moved to tomorrow afternoon after Jessica's vision test. Leena's Resperidone dosage moved down (and then we will check on her Concerta dosage in three weeks to see if it needs to be adjusted) and they are trying to put Jessica on Adderall (which I really don't think they can do until she is 6 years old according to her insurance but we will see). Yeah. This close to school starting. That should be fun. Then open house for Hoboken tomorrow night. long floor-length dresses with a discount price

And a partridge in a pear treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.