long sleeve wears in white

My current nemesis

The mighty Kingfisher

I have been going into the park much later than normal, in hopes of spending some time with this kingfisher. Nearly every morning that I have gone into the park in the past couple of weeks, I have hiked out to find this guy on the same branch. He has a 150 yard rule, it seems. I keep trying to figure out his comfort zone but he seems to be moody. Yesterday, I compromised with him and he seemed okay with that but quickly dove in fo long sleeve wears in white ... r food. The kingfisher captured something - too much steam coming up off of the water for good visibility on a zero degree morning.

After the kingfisher thwarted me again I went for a long hike, some of it in deep snow. The scenery was breathtaking. Nearly stepped on two rabbits - they were inches from my feet when they hopped away. I didn't see them! Also saw a pair of bald eagles that were busy looking for breakfast.

I do this early in the morning, right about sunrise, before anyone else comes along and it has become a great way to start the day.

It is currently minus 23 degrees at my house! I will not be going outside until it hits zero, predicted at around noon. Inside it is a cozy 66 degrees.

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