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30 weeks ago today we transferred the one embryo that survived the waiting period. That one embryo was graded as "poor quality" and was told it would only have maybe 40% chance of survival. I was devastated but extremely hopeful if not overly hopeful and had no doubt at all that it would survive and I would become pregnant. I took a pregnancy test 4 days after they implanted the embryo. It was negative. I knew it was to early but I couldn't resist. I waited another day and did it again.. I saw a very faint line. But when ur trying to get pregnant a line is a line and it ment you were pregnant at that exact moment! I kept testing everyday for over a week, tested several times a day. When I woke up, at wrk, at the store! Everywhere, I didn't care. Then I had to go back to my fertility clinic for blood wrk.. even tho I had positive home test it needed to be confirmed by blood wrk. Day one... my levels were confirmed. Pregnant. Day three more blood wrk. Pregnant with rising HCG levels exactly what we needed. Then we set up an ultrasound for 6 weeks. Me.. I'm very impatient and felt like I wasn't in control and I wanted an ultrasound NOW. So about 5 weeks I wasn't "feeling well" and decided it was enough to go to the ER and not the dr, yes ER wasn't cheap but I didn't care I needed to kno. So I went to ER and they ask if I was pregnant.. I said yes. So they went and did an ultrasound and saw the heartbeat! That's all I needed to feel better. The following week my fertility clinic confirmed the heartbeat and released me to a high risk OBGYN. More blood work and ultrasounds followed. Well today I'm 30 weeks pregnant with a healthy boy who I was told I had a slim chance of surviving the IVF process because of the "poor quality" of the embryo. I'm just a few short weeks I'll get to meet the fighter! I'm overjoyed and feel so blessed. modern chic items to wear to a evening party