mother of the groom dresses for fall

*As Maada Chooses Notorious Drug Dealer for Running Mate...Musa Tarawally is Ungrateful & a Hypocrite Wretch*
*By Director moisa*
Musa Tarawally the former Minister of Internal Affairs and later Lands is the correct definition of an ungrateful and hypocrite wretch.
For those who might not know Musa Tarawally properly, we can state without any doubt that after he dropped out of school in form three, he perambulated until he was rescued by the main opposition SLPP before he fell out of grace with that party and defected to the APC which out of love and compassion groomed him and put him back into public limelight when President Koroma appointed him to serve in the position of minister.
Musa Tarawally apart from being a crook is a mean and unintelligent human who is accused of killing hundreds of innocent Sierra Leoneans while he was member of the kamajor militia.
He has literally caused the death of innocent civilians during the years this country was suffering from a rebel war. He is notorious for engaging in very corrupt acts which is the main reason why he was sacked as Lands Minister and was about to be investigated and sentenced to a long jail term but President Koroma decided to just leave him out in the sun to dry.
Now that he escaped that noose, the only way Musa Tarawally believes he can make a comeback is to stab the APC party which brought him to public limelight by forming his own political party. But of course, only people that are as corrupt and criminally-minded like Musa Tarawally would join him in his mad and rascally enterprise. No sober-minded Sierra Leonean would join Musa Tarawally because apart from being accused of being a murderer, Musa Tarawally is a serial liar who has manipulated his way into the corridors of power for selfish gain.
Other people who are not to be trusted are the likes of Dr. Julius Spencer who is a brazen liar ever since he joined the NGC. He has consistently denied not being a member of the SLPP which is the party that appointed him Minister of Information and Communication and also made him a public figure during the SLPP era in governance. Now because he wants to dress himself in borrowed robes, he is refusing to acknowledge ever being a member of the SLPP. Such brazen liars are not to be trusted because they have the temerity to sell their own mothers and children for political gain. mother of the groom dresses for fall
Then there is the running mate Dr. Alhaji Chernor Juldeh Jalloh selected by SLPP presidential candidate, Julius Maada Bio. Although it is understood that Dr. Jalloh turned down the offer, he is reportedly said to be a big time international drug dealer who has been jailed several times in US and UK prisons. His funds accrued from drug deals is what Maada Bio is eyeing for him to have enough dirty money to fund his flip-flop campaign.
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