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I'm really not one to take to facebook with long personal posts but I feel as if I have been left with no other outlet. Most out of you know Jayvon is Autistic but high functioning now. Two years ago he started school in a wonderful program that has made a tremendous difference in his developmental progress and his life in general.

When Jay started he was 6 years old and still wearing diapers. He hardly spoke. He threw sometimes violent temper tantrums. He was barely sociable. Doctor appointments were a nightmare. He did not chew food. Let that sink in for a moment. He ate 4 meals a day that consisted of brown sugar oatmeal with scrambled eggs masterly hidden within the oatmeal and then topped with cinnamon applesauce. He was under 40lbs at this time. He also would grind his teeth. When I say grind, I mean really grind them down. The sound could be compared to nails on a chalk board. Eventually the dentist would go on to recommend that he be put under to have all his baby teeth pulled at once. They were smooth from all the grinding he had done. He now has around 8 to 10 permanent teeth that have have came in. The grinding is caused from anxiety and change in his daily routine. Change in an autistic child's routine can cause great stress and even regressions of several years of work in less than several months in some children.

If you have made it this far my point in writing this is because the Kanawha County Board of Education has decided that due to "numbers" he is being pulled from his current program and moved to what is technically known as our home school this fall to attend a new program there. During the course of the past several months I have received one phone call regarding the change. On the last day of school in May I received a call from the Special Ed Coordinator for our area simply stating your son will no longer attend this school due to "numbers". I've spoken with two superintendents as well as our head superintendent and was told by them all that it is about "numbers". I don't know about anyone else but my child is not a number. He is a sweet, smart, handsome, amazing, young man. I'm terrified what this change could do to all he has accomplished. We are a week and a half away from school starting and I have yet to be formally notified of the change or even get a straight answer from the BOE on who the teacher is and if they are trained in Autism like his current teachers are. I have written letters from his pediatrician as well as his child care provider stating the change they have saw in him over the course of the past 2 years. I told all 3 superintendents about the letters and none even so much as asked to even read them. I'm left feeling as if my child does not matter, after all he is just a "number" to them. online sale wedding items in Canada

Jay is now potty trained, a little social butterfly, eats and is willing to try new foods here and there, and is overall a very different boy.

I'm not really sure that me saying any of this will really matter. But I felt I needed to put it out there so that people would know how our special needs children are being treated in the public school system. They let kids that are good at certain sports go out of district regardless of "numbers" but won't let a special needs child stay in a school that he is established and use too because of "numbers".

As school starts back please remember my sweet boy as he has to transition into God only knows what because I don't think the BOE knows anything and if they do they are not sharing much with the parents and children directly effected by this ridiculously unplanned changed.

Please feel free to share my post. I would like as many people as possible to read this. The whole situation is wrong on every level possible.