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hey guys. i know i don't post on here often, but as i have recently put down a book i just bought due to finishing it, i felt compelled to write this status. many of you don't like talking about things like this, but i believe if we don't there are people who go silently, hurting. this book is about a young girl who goes to a party and is, essentially, sexually harassed and raped repeatedly by 4-5 different players of the star basketball team. naturally, that is the problem in itself, but on top of what happened to this girl (it is based on a true story), everyone shuns her and tries to cover up what happened after she decides to report it to the police and press charges because, well, they're star players, or "they come from a nice family", or "what she was wearing was revealing", or "it was her decision to get drunk and not control herself". i grew very angry and upset reading this and hearing the story, and not even realizing until now that i wasn't mad about the story, i was mad because things like this happen in real life. every day. to girls just like me and you, and your daughters, and sisters, and mothers. i know some of you may not agree with me on things like this (which makes me sick), but i feel so compelled to write this and make everyone very aware of what goes on behind closed doors and what people try to hide. at first, i didn't know what i was going to say. i was utterly speechless. i didn't know where to start to explain my hurt and pain and familiarity with this girls story. just because a girl is dressed provocatively, or she gets a little too drunk and wild at a party, or she comes from a home that has a bad reputation, never, ever, ever, EVER means that she deserved to be raped or brought it onto herself. we need to start holding boys accountable for their actions, and quit excusing them with the phrase "boys will be boys" because, yes, they will, but also boys will be held accountable for their nasty actions. i know the older people will never agree with me on this, because it's just not how you were raised. you did not learn to speak on these things in public, because these matters were never your business. until it happens to you. i want everyone to really, truly think about this, and the next time you brush off a rape because it is "none of your business", or "she deserved it for getting so drunk", think about how it would feel had it been you, or your daughter. or someone you care about. think about them being taken advantage of the way girls sometimes are and think of how they felt in that moment. scared. alone. most rape victims blame themselves, because of the way our society is structured. think about this happening to your sister, and she blames herself for this. i am absolutely so sick and disgusted of the way this society reacts when a rape is brought up. it's all hush hush, because no one wants to speak on it. and i'm fed up. these things happen to people, and not just bad people who "had it coming". i advise everyone to read this book and reassess their thoughts and opinions on how they view rape cases, because this book shook me to my bone and i will never be able to rest easily knowing that things like this go on in the world and people who claim they are good people brush it off. that is my rant for tonight, thank you all for tuning in. party dresses for teens