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Behind the scenes with God...

Sparkle because of God's immeasurable, gracious, and unstoppable care and love...

1st company party attended in 6 years. Would have felt terrified in a huge crowd if without these amazing people.

Thank You Lord, for showing the very affordable but elegant gown shop that helped two tranchemates on their gowns, for a tranchemate who instructed me how to go to the venue, for Tita's very nice elegant gown and her comforting words and encouragement when i felt stressed on the preparations for going, for the sudden friday off offered by management to prepare for the party, for the miraculous smooth and cheap taxi ride to the hotel on a busy friday night and a very decent and helpful fatherly driver, for the vacant and clean hotel restroom for the disabled where dressing up became possible and smooth, for the genuinely loving and best trainer who always watches over us and eagerly finds time to be with us, for touching another tranchemate to help me get home safe, and so much more Lord:) plus size wedding dresses online

And for another bonus today that You gave me a much needed and awaited jacket Lord!:) It's been freezing cold in office. Im so relieved Lord. You satisfied everything You had told me so far of what kind of jacket to find...and You gave even beyond what You have revealed. I really love it Lord:) Thank You Lord that You are not willing to stop loving me...for pouring Your love on me specially during times that i am drowning in negative thoughts and feelings. For only Your love is powerful enough to lift me up from every drown Lord. Only Your immeasurable, gracious, unstoppable love.

...In Christ's Name, amen.