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THEME : Indian Wedding Cultures

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Models: Harsh Saini , Ekta Gangwani
MUA : Madhu Vadera (Muse Beauty Care)
Jewellery : Komal Virwani (sparsh jewellery)
Outfit by : Porwal retail outlet
Styling : Balvir Singh Kushwah Balvir Singh Kushwah
Photography : Dev Wadhwani Dev Wadhwani II (Glance Studio & Photography)
Asst by: Mohit Behrani i,
Special Thanks : Ashish Rathore , Nupur Chhabra & Amit Chorasiya


Maharashtrian Wedding
Maharashtrian marriage is perhaps the simplest and the least opulent in the whole country. Unlike other weddings, most of the rituals are preformed early in the morning. The Maharashtrian marriage procedure starts with finding a suitable counterpart. After this, the horoscope of the boy and the girl are matched by the purohits. After the horoscopes match, the mahurut for the wedding is taken out. This is followed by the preparations for the marriage, with the wedding rituals being performed along side.

Wedding Rituals
Antarpat is a silk shawl used to separate the bride and the groom. The maternal uncle of the bride brings her to the dias, where the mangalashtakas are recited. Then the shawl is removed and the couple sees each other for the first time and exchange garlands. At this moment they are showered with unbroken rice. After this, the couple asks their parents for permission to get married. This is called the Sankalp ceremony. After this, the bride's parents perform the Kanyadaan ritual, wherein they offer their daughter to the groom. princess ball styled gown of wedding

After Kanyadaan, the groom ties mangalsutra around bride's neck and applies vermillion in her hair parting. She in return applies a sandalwood tilak on his forehead. Next is the Vivah Homa, which is conducted by the groom in assistance with the priest. Following this is the Saptapadhi ritual, wherein the couple takes seven rounds around the sacred fire, taking seven vows. The wedding ceremony comes to an end with the Karmasampati ritual, wherein the bride's father, the bride and the groom please Gods to bless the wedlock.

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