prom garments in white color

Hmm nice legs. Not enjoying the scars you people gave me especially my heart pain, chest pain on my left side or the contusion to my rib guys happy that did this to me, my mom, my babies, my dogs???? Not even my fractured hand hurts pretty bad. That was your plans right?Nice to meet you my New Facebook freinds. It's not my new freinds that did this. It's the people that wanted my name, my home, my dogs, my babies, my life, My mom's life. My Life. My life don't you ever try to hurt me again. I am coming outside so here I come. Back off. I am not short, stupid or dummy anymore. I am not even very nice to thieves who steal from me anymore. I will stand my ground prom garments in white color
My Truth thus us my Life. Not made up child shit. Thus is what Darrell has done and all who helped him.