short black dresses

Doping is a big problem, a threat to sportsmanship, ethics and fair play.

“Doping in sport remains a serious and difficult issue … threatening the integrity of clean athletes and the reputation of sport.”

This awareness is somehow lacking in the classical music field, which should hold at least as high standards as bicycling (!).

In a time when even classical music is decreasingly judged by an expert jury and increasingly by Vox Digitalis Populi (for example on YouTube comments) we need to understand how dress/ undress, decolletage, high heels and other extraneous trimmings give unscrupulous musicians unfair advantages. short black dresses

Showmanship is nothing new, but this is BAIT (mainly baiting men, that old refrain once again).

In such a climate, what can I do to get a hearing? Should I buy Twitter followers? Dress in a cod piece and have a sword at my side when I play? Present my opera totally naked standing on my head? That should give me some YouTube hits.

But no, this is the social media snake whispering in my ears and tempting me. I must be stronger and better than what I criticize.

Let’s just realize that our oh so serious classical field is infected and doping is here to stay.

-Oh, and don’t forget to vote!

-Vote on what?

-Music and dress, of course This is the marriage of music and couture, I mean couture and music.

-Let’s see, what shall it be…? “Waltz op 64 n°2 : shiny black dress with a golden high waist belt and black boots” or “Piano Sonata n°2 in B-flat minor : black lace dress and black tight pants”?

Lola Astanova, The Chopin Project (short dresses and high heels) Famous concert pianist Lola Astanova playing 12 Chopin…