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> I wish you would be mine <

In a small town city, there was a lady whose name is Jona. She lives her life without love life, because of the trauma she overcome on her last broke up. Her parents also are so strict about a commitment. That's why she didn't introduce any guy. Until one day, while Jona is on her way to school a guy passed her by. The guy is so handsome, brown but shinny skin, tall, and chinito. And on her way to home, she saw again the mysterious guy. On the third day, Jona was shocked when the guy is sitting beside her and said "hi, I'm drew and you are?" Jona replied "hello, I'm Jona". On that time Jona felt unusual feeling that she didn't felt before. While talking with Drew, drew's phone rings and after the phone call drew excuses his self for he will be going first.

On that day, Jona keeps on dreaming of Drew every night and day. Jona started to like drew but Jona didn't want to break their friendship. They became friends not just friend but close friends and Jona's feeling keep as a secret. They do the same things and adventure. While both of them are taking lunch, Jona reminisce all of the sufferings and depressed she encountered because of unplanned decision. And Jona decided to stay away from drew so that her feeling won't get worst, but out of the destiny her feeling get deeper towards drew and decided to confess her feelings to drew. But Jona was disappointed when she saw drew with other girl while walking. She is wondering who was that girl and decided to talked to drew for clarification and confess her feelings towards drew.

While walking on the way to coffee shop, Jona stares at Drew's face and talking in her mind "I wish I didn't stay away from you so that we will be the way we we're before, I wish you would be mine." On the coffee shop, Jona opened the conversation and asked drew "who is that girl?, the girl whose with you lately at school?" Drew replied "she is the one I am courting now, I didn't told you because you stayed away from me and I wondered why?" "I'm sorry I didn't told you before it is because I am already in love with you and I don't want to break our friendship, but now I'm ready to confess and you are already in love with other girl" Drew replied again with conscience "I'm sorry I don't want you to be hurt but I'm already in love with her, the I am courting" Jona replied while crying "maybe we're destined to meet but not meant to be, but I wish you would be mine" silver or grey wears for cocktail party

After the breaking heart story, Jona finally moved on. She pursue her life without drew and became successful. She helped her parents first and now dating with someone. This story didn't end with a happy ending love story but a happy ending life of Jona. You need to move on if not meant for because GOD has a better plan for your love life.