wedding dresses for pregnant brides

When i was in school,my teacher seduced me,he promise to pay my fees and support my family too,due to my poor family i accepted to be in love with him.
I had sex with him severally,he commanded me not to tell any one about our relationship he made me to abort five times since the pregnancy could reveal our relationship,by the time i was in form two the teacher was transfered to far school,i completed my education and got a man to marry me,five years our marriage i never got p wedding dresses for pregnant brides ... regnant.
The man chased me away after that all,i met another two men living with them 2 to 3 years respectively without getting a child and they all too chased me away since they wanted a child.
I decided to come back home and i receive all sorts of despise and insult,this made me spent sleepless night thinking on how to kill my self,i went to all witch doctors around but i never got help,the doctors said my uterus was destroyed and i can't carry any pregnancy.
I went to a near by church,i cried to the lord day and night every time i spent in the church seeking the face of the lord,all men hated me because i was barren,after two months of prayers and fasting,i met a man.
I feared to love him because of my past history,i never know GOD has answered my prayer !!.
The man truly loved me and i decide to get married to him. Two months in marriage,i never xperienced my monthly periods,on the third month i went to the hospital for tests,guess what!!?,doctors told me I was pregnant,i never believed them till i gave birth to a baby boy.....
GOD has power and answered my prayer and you too the one reading this GOD is going to do a miracle in your life today.
GOD is going to give you... *best jobs. *best partner. *All your disease and worries will go away,just type AMEN and SHARE if you believed GOD answers prayers.
Type AMEN hit LIKE with Faith & SHARE

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