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I used to be the kind of person who would hold my dreams tightly, squeezing them as close to me as I possibly could, not whispering a breath of them to a single person.

I remember being in university, wanting more than anything to commit to my dream of becoming a professional photographer, yet being too afraid to say it out loud.


Because ... what would people think? would they laugh at me behind my back? and who am I to dream of accomplishing this?

And now, seven years on, I realize the importance and power of speaking your dreams. Of owning them. Of finding the confidence to speak your truth, and of allowing your desires to be seen and heard. Of accepting that they are yours, and standing firm in them.

I understand the fear of your dreams being judged. But what I've realized is that by staying quiet, you're risking *so much more*. When you stay quiet, the message you're sending yourself is that you're not good enough to accomplish it, and that it is not worth committing to. That message then becomes the damaging precursor to every single action step you take towards it, which means you're sabotaging it from the start. what items to wear for tall maids of honor

Treat your dreams with respect. You don't have to know *how* they are going to happen, but you must commit to them, own them, and create an environment in which they can thrive.

And yes, people have made fun of my dreams, belittled my dreams, and made me feel less-than for wanting to create them in the first place.

BUT ... what people think or say about my dreams has nothing to do with my ability to commit to them and accomplish them.

Avoiding criticism is *not* worth my silence. Because my silence is the slow death of my dreams. I would rather be criticized and laughed at all day long, than let my dreams die. This type of criticism is mere gossip, the lowest form of communication, and the person I am today refuses to let it affect me.

Just know that your dreams and desires are there for a reason. They are a precious gift, individual to you, and if you are dedicated to living a life of purpose, I urge you to treat them with the respect and commitment they deserve.

With so much love,

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Photo by Jeremy Bishop

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