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Ever get called into work on your day off because one of your burnout coworkers decided he was going to get arrested the night before? No? Well, as lousy as that sounds, this same thing happened to me last week. One might think being in security at the biggest mall in Florida is fun. That would be because of Kevin James. My job involves sitting in a chair looking at monitor screens. Boring, right? Normally you would be right. But then, if that were the case here, I would not be telling you this story.... white first communion outfits for flower girl

There I sat in the darkened little room, texting a couple of friends and checking my Facebook notifications, not really interested in working. As a bit of a pick-me-up, my girlfriend Heather came to visit me around noon and we had lunch together. Being the only security guard on monitor duty that day, I had to stay there, but we had the room to ourselves. We had just finished cleaning up when Heather saw something on one of the monitors that caught her attention.

"Hey, babe..." she said, "come check this out." I walked over to see what she was looking at. Heather pointed to one of the screens and I saw two people hiding on the loading dock making out. This was kind of a normal occurrence, so I was not too shocked. After all, that was the whole purpose of installing new cameras. Or at least not until I realized that the girl's hand was in the man's pants, clearly playing with his cock.

"Well, that's new." I said with a chuckle. Just as I was about to go and break up the little tryst, I realized that I recognized the two lovers. The girl's name was Alaina, a supervisor from Victoria's Secret. Her companion was a guy I vaguely knew from Spencer's named Josh.

I stood there for a moment, wondering how to best handle this when Alaina lowered herself to her knees and pulled out Josh's member, which looked to be about an inch longer than mine, but slightly thinner. We stood there in shock as the entire thing disappeared down Alaina's little throat. Looking to my right, I saw Heather's cheeks turning pink as her breathing shallowed.

Interesting.... I thought as my left eyebrow rose, a thought occurring to me. A delicious, naughty thought.

"Baby..." I said softly to Heather, "remember the other night... when we watched that movie at home...?" I was referring to a porno we had rented and watched two nights previous, which we both enjoyed as we watched from the couch. "I think we found the live version. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

She looked at me with wide eyes. "I think so... but-"

"There are no cameras in here," I told her, anticipating this concern.

With that, we both got comfortable; I grabbed a bottle of lube from her purse and we sat back to enjoy the show....

Meanwhile on the loading dock....

Alaina loved sucking cock, and she was good at it. She deepthroated Josh's long member, loving the look on his face as he watched her full lips wrap around his shaft. One hand caressed his balls as the other held onto his thigh, kneading the hard muscle there.

Josh groaned as the petite vixen teased his shaft with her tongue as she sucked it. He loved watching his long white cock disappear into her dark brown lips. His hands tangled into her curly hair as his head fell back, loving the feeling of her pleasuring him. He felt that old familiar tingle in his balls and pulled back, withdrawing the head of his hard dick from her lips with a pop.

"Get up here," he growled to her. Alaina shivered as she stood, quickly pushing her tight, black slacks down her firm ass and long, smooth legs. Josh always admired her legs, wondering how someone so short's legs could seem so long and luscious. He knelt as he pulled down her red thong, peeling it away from her glorious ass and letting it fall down to her ankles to join her pants.

Standing back up, he gave her pert bottom a slap. "You've been a bad girl, haven't you?" he chuckled.

"Mmm...," she moaned. "Yeah, baby. I've been a real bad girl. Whatcha' gonna do about it?"

He spanked her again and leaned in to growl into her ear, "I'm gonna fuck your little pussy until you scream and beg for mercy." Alaina shuddered against him and reached back to grasp his shaft.

"Then do it, baby," she begged him, her voice thick with lust. "Fuck me hard, Josh."

Without hesitating a moment longer, Josh thrust his long, hard cock into Alaina's tight pussy. They moaned together as he started to slide his cock in and out of her, her pussy making wet, sloshing noises as he fucked her. She moaned and gripped the stack of pallets against the wall in front of her. Her perky breasts bounced as Josh pummeled her ass with his pelvis, his cock reaching deep inside of her.

--------------In the security office------------------------------------------------------

I lay my head back, momentarily forgetting about my two associates going at it on the screen as I felt Heather's mouth on my cock. I always loved getting head from her, the way her lips wrapped tight around my shaft as she tried to deepthroat my cock. I looked down at her, kneeling there in front of my chair and almost came on the spot.

Seeing her gorgeous eyes gazing up at mine as her lips left my hard cock glistening as her head bobbed up and down was almost too much for me. I stood up and pulled Heather to her feet.

"Turn around," I commanded, my voice thick with lust. She did as I said and leaned forward, adjusting her glasses to better watch the show on the screen as I slowly slid my thick cock into her tight pussy.

I looked up at the screen, watching how Josh had Alaina in the same position and decided to really make this a fun experience. I started to match my thrusts with his, making sure Heather the same passion. I thrust my cock deeply into her and pulled almost completely out, pulling her hips to me as I entered her, over and over.

She moaned my name as I made love to her, loving everything I was doing to her while still enjoying our little show.

And speaking of our show, I turned my attention back to it..

Josh lifted Alaina's hips up, her legs now dangling in the air as he changed things from doggy-style to a uniquely angled wheelbarrow.

Alaina shrieked in delight, the long, hard cock inside of her now striking her innermost depths from a new angle. Her toes curled and her fingers gripped the wood in front of her as hard as they could as she felt her orgasm approaching.

Her lover felt it as well as her pussy tightened around his manhood. His pace increased as his balls tingled, his shaft swelling as his pleasure peaked.

"Oh God, baby, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonnamcum I'mmgonnamcum..." Alaina panted, her voice growing louder and higher as she reached the peak, squirting cum all over Josh's cock and the cement beneath his feet.

"Aaahh... God... yes!" Josh grunted, his cum pumping out of his cock into her. His hips jerked wildly as he pumped into her rapidly, his orgasm overpowering his mind.


My cock was throbbing like nothing I'd ever felt before. Having just watched two people I work with every day having such wild, uninhibited sex while I was inside of my own girlfriend was too much for me.

"Baby..." I warned her, panting. "I'm gonna... aahh..."

"Me too, babe." Heather gasped as her pussy clenched tight around me.

With that, I groaned, thrusting my cock deeply into her one last time as I exploded, filling her with my hot cum as she came, her hot, velvety walls squeezing, milking me of every last drop.

We leaned against each other panting as we watched Josh and Alaina clean up in a hurry and rush back inside after glancing at their watches. We kissed and laughed as we dressed ourselves. Glancing at the clock, I saw that my shift was almost over and informed Heather of this. With a kiss, she told me she'd meet me at the apartment.

As I walked her to the door, I pinched her butt and whispered in her ear, "I'm not done with you yet, baby. Be ready when I get home later," she giggled and was gone.

As I straighted up the room -and sprayed some air freshener so the night guard wouldn't notice the whole room smelled like sex- I glanced back at the screen and noticed something red on the ground where Alaina and Josh had had their fun. I took the recording of their little love session and looped about thirty minutes of nothing happening into its place. I didn't want them getting in trouble, after all!

But before I left, I went around to the loading dock to see what the red thing was on the ground and discovered that is was Alaina's soaked thong! I picked it up and stuffed it in my jacket pocket, chuckling to myself as I walked toward Victoria's Secret. I spotted her rearranging panties (oh, the irony!) and waited until she was alone before I approached.

"Hey, Alaina," I said with a smile.

She looked up and smiled back, "Oh hey, Jason. What's up?"

"Ah, not too much. Just about to head home but I wanted to stop by and say hi from me and Heather," I replied, still smiling.

"Oh, that's cool. So how have you been?" she asked, looking at me curiously, as if wondering what was so amusing.

"Pretty good, pretty good. Just punched out. Had to fill in for Mike today and test out the new cameras." I kept my tone casual, trying to draw out a reaction from her. She didn't disappoint me.

"New cameras?" she looked startled, like a deer in the headlights. "What new cameras?"

"Oh, we added a few where security was too 'lax before," I said, my tone imitating boredness. "In the backs of some of the stores, by the employee entrances, the loading docks... places like that."

Alaina could not even speak. The poor girl just stared at me, trying to come up with what I can only assume would have been a forcedly calm response.

With a chuckle, I told her, "Nothing interesting yet, though. Well, nothing worth reporting to the boss. Just some kids loitering...." I watched her expression as her shoulders relaxed. "...Though somebody did lose this," I said as I pulled her thong out of my pocket.

She looked me right in the eyes and in that moment knew that I had seen everything. "Any idea whose it is?" I asked. "I'd hate to see this fine piece wasted." When she looked away from the panties and back to me, I winked and stuffed the wet material into her pants pocket.

"I'll be seeing you, Alaina..." I whispered to her. With that, I left the mall and headed home. After all, I had a beautiful girl setting up a camcorder there waiting for me...