white items to wear for little women

Let's talk Young Living's Kids line! Yes, they have their own kids line! All of the YL products are made in house with ZERO chemicals, additives, or synthetics!

Kidscents Oils
1. Prediluted for kids so you can stick a roller filament on top and get your roll on
2. Great for adults too
3. They NEVER expire

Geneyus-So many mamas and their little ones adore this blend of highly prized oils! Great for focus and concentration

Tummygize-this wonderful blend is great for massaging into your little ones tummies for digestive support! I use this myself!

Sleepylze-this relaxing bedtime blend is so popular it is limited to one per month! Perfect for diffusing or applying to your little ones big toes

Owie-the name says it all! Great for when your little one needs a little extra love and care

SniffleEase-great to diffuse during winter months ;-)

Kidscents also include toothpaste, lotion, shower gel, and shampoo

I will be teaching a FREE Essential Oils class in Farmerville next week. Message me if you would like to attend. Absolutely no obligation to buy anything. Thank you!! white items to wear for little women